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About Us

Welcome to Flavour House Vapes. We thank you for your interest and support.  Flavour House is comprised of Brandon and Jim, college roommates and aspiring business entrepreneurs.  Both of us were raised in western PA and are proud to have our flagship store in the Shaler area of Pittsburgh.  Brandon lives in the Pittsburgh area with his wife and 2 children.  He has spent most of his career working in the retail sporting goods sector.   He enjoys hockey, football, playing cards, and the beaches of Ocean City, MD.  Jim lives in Chicago, but is frequently in Pittsburgh to visit family.  Jim spent a good portion of his career working for one of the first privately held electronic cigarette companies.  He enjoys football, live music and skiing.   
Flavour House was started for two reasons.   First, to help those addicted to combustible cigarettes end their addiction and live a better life.  Second is to fulfill our dream of being in business together.   We have both seen first hand the negative effects smoking can have on a person and their family.   We pride ourselves on the following principles:
Only sell American made e-Juice with verified ingredients
Only sell products to adults
Provide a relaxed, informative, clean, and supportive shopping experience
Support local and federal legislation to properly regulate this category so that it can continue to grow in a responsible manner
Oppose taxation and other influences from big tobacco to reduce the growth of this industry
Our store is located at 890 Butler Street in Pittsburgh, PA
You can reach us at:  [email protected] (Brandon) or [email protected] (Jim).